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Students interested in working with a peer tutor for mathematics can search for a suitable math tutor by visiting the following website and selecting the Tutor tab:

Advanced Placement (AP) @ Fossil Ridge (information page)

Assessment Information

Testing @ Fossil Ridge (information and forms)


Students benefit academically and financially by taking Concurrent Enrollment courses because:

  • Students may take more challenging or specialized courses on topics of particular interest
  • Students save in tuition costs later by accumulating college credits while in high school
  • Students may finish college earlier because they have already earned college credits
  • Students who chose the “campus select” program may earn an associate’s degree by the time they graduate from high school. Tuition is paid by PSD. This means students could graduate with two years of college completed and a guaranteed transfer of credits to any public Colorado state college
  • Students who successfully complete 12 semester credit hours of concurrent enrollment classes within the “campus select” program may also be eligible for the Ascent program. If accepted, these students would attend Front Range Community College for a fifth year, after their fourth year of high school, tuition paid by PSD.


PSD Concurrent Information

Online Courses @ Fossil Ridge

Fossil Ridge High School offers over 500 rigorous courses in the classroom setting, that are taught by highly qualified instructional staff.  The master schedule is designed to meet the needs of all students, and is created annually, based upon the course requests of students that are submitted during the spring student registration process.  Course offerings are designed to meet graduation requirements, and include opportunities for students to access academic remediation and acceleration courses.  In addition, we offer a wealth of elective offerings that allow students to explore new fields, gain new perspectives, or expand their skills in courses that align with their passions.  The preferred and primary placement for all students is in the classroom.  Our teachers are committed to academic success of their students and seek to develop meaningful relationships that foster excellence inside and outside the classroom.

Sometimes, the journey towards graduation may include alternate paths towards success.  In certain, specific, individualized cases, students may need to supplement their FRHS courses taken in the classroom, with online options.  PSD online options are available for students who are in need of credit recovery, are NOT on track for on-time graduation, need to complete more courses in a year than what can be completed in the classroom, or in rare instances, need acceleration in a course that is not offered in the classroom at FRHS.

PSD online courses are self-contained, independent study units that students complete in our mind center.  While students can access their online courses 24 hours a day, their PSD online courses are completed at FRHS.  A student registered for a PSD online course will receive support from a certified teacher during one of their class periods at FRHS.

Who should not take an online course at FRHS?

  • Students who want to graduate early
  • Students who want to complete graduation requirements online so that they can take additional elective options at FRHS
  • Students who may be seeking NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA, etc., eligibility (or may do so in the future)

What if my student doesn’t qualify for a PSD online course at FRHS?

Fossil Ridge High School is not an online school.  Students and families can utilize outside vendors to complete online course offerings.  The student and family should notify their counselor that they are completing an online course through an outside vender.

Students and families are responsible for:

  • Completing their registration with the outside vendor
  • Paying all course and material fees that are required from the vendor
  • Requesting final exams that need to be proctored at FRHS in the Mind Center
  • Ensuring that all final exams are completed by the established spring deadline
  • Paying for overnight delivery of completed exams for all exams ordered after May 1st
  • Meeting the credit transcription deadline (two days prior to the graduation ceremony)

General Academic Information @ Fossil Ridge

Grading Scale

The grading scale at Fossil Ridge High School is as follows:

90 – 100%       = A
80 – 89%         = B
70 – 79%         = C
60 – 69%         = D
Below 60%      = F

Academic Lettering

Fossil Ridge honors students who commit to accepting personal ownership for their educational plan and who maintain high academic achievement.  The Academic Letter symbolizes the outstanding educational improvement, commitment, and development for those distinguished students. Students are recognized in the fall for an academic letter earned in the previous school year.

Qualifications for Academic Lettering:

  • Must be a current FRHS student
  • Must have at least a 3.75 GPA
  • Must have attended FRHS for one full semester if transferring from another school
  • Must be a full-time student

Honor Roll 2020-2021 (Quarter 3)

Principal's List (GPA 3.75 to 4.0)

SaberCat List (GPA 3.5 to 3.74)

Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism and/or cheating are serious offenses and will not be tolerated at Fossil Ridge High School.  Violations of the FRHS policy include:

  1. Giving another student completed assignments to copy and submit as their original.
  2. Copying another student’s work or paraphrasing another’s words or ideas and submitting them as original work.
  3. Submitting another individual’s work as your own.
  4. Copying portions or pages from books or electronic references or sources without proper citation.
  5. Taking or copying answers from another student during a test situation.
  6. Viewing or using a cell phone or wireless device during an examination.

National / State / Local Assessments

During a student’s time at Fossil Ridge High School a variety of state mandated and nationally recognized assessments are administered at various times.

Sometimes an assessment fee is assessed and must be paid to the bookkeeper prior to the administration of the specific assessment or the student cannot participate in the assessment. Most colleges and universities require students to submit scores from the ACT or SAT exam as part of the college application process.  Information about nationally recognized exams and application forms are available in our Career Center. We will regularly post state and local assessment information in the “Latest Academic News” located above.

Students can request official and unofficial transcripts in the Career Center by filling out a transcript request form.  All transcript requests must be made by the student.  A $3.00 payment must be made at the time of the request.

Report Cards

Report cards for the first semester and the second semester of a school year will be available shortly after the grading period in ParentVUE and StudentVUE. The report cards are available for the entire school year on ParentVUE and StudentVUE until July when the District completes all End of Year processes.

Class Credit Requirements

For the first two years of a student’s journey at Fossil Ridge High School, they must be enrolled in a full load of courses. 9th grade students and 10th grade students must complete a minimum of 70 credits each year. 11th grade students must complete a minimum of 60 credits and have some flexibility in their course schedule. 11th grade students are allowed to have one “off period” in their schedule as long as they are on track for earning sufficient graduation credits. 12th grade students must complete a minimum of 50 credits and have considerable flexibility in their course schedule. 12th grade students are allowed to have two “off periods” in their schedule as long as they are on track for earning sufficient graduation credits.

Course Add / Drop Deadline

Students may drop an enrolled class up to but no later than the 4th week of the current semester if the dropped class will not reduce the student’s enrollment status below the required credit hours for their grade level.  Any class dropped after the 4th week deadline will result in a grade of “WF” on the student’s transcript. A “WF” class drop requires parent, counselor and building administrator approval.

Grade Change / Grade Replacement Policy

Any student may retake the same PSD course and receive grade replacement credit for the higher earned grade.  The original grade will be marked with a repeat/forgive flag.  A student may receive credit for the course only once.  After a student has retaken a course, he or she must complete a grade change form and submit it to his or her counselor to receive administrative approval.  Forms grade change / grade replacements are available in the Registrar and Counseling offices.

Middle School courses for High School credit

To receive credit for an approved course taken prior to 9th grade a student must receive a passing grade in the year-long course.

The director of curriculum, instruction and assessment and the assistant superintendent of secondary schools will identify the credit-bearing courses that may be offered in middle school for graduation credit. Approved courses will be published annually in the District course catalog.

A credit-bearing course offered at any middle school must meet the following criteria:

  • The teacher must be highly qualified as defined by No Child Left Behind requirements;
  • The District approved curriculum must be taught, and the District-adopted summative assessment must be administered for that course (except that for students transferring into the District, equivalent credit-bearing courses from accredited institutions will be accepted); and
  • Partial credit will not be awarded for completing one semester of a two-semester sequence in middle school. Students/Parents have the option of declining high school graduation credit for approved courses taught at the middle school level. While the grades in the approved courses are automatically reported (only from a PSD middle school) and counted toward high school graduation credit, students/parents may void this credit at any time from the first day of the student’s ninth grade year through the last day of the student’s ninth grade year. Once the credit is declined, the grade record removal is permanent and non-reversible.


Regular daily attendance is vital in order for students to succeed academically at Fossil Ridge High School.  The PSD goal for student attendance set by the Colorado Department of Education is 95% or higher for daily student attendance.  The responsibility of meeting this goal is shared between the student, the parent/guardian, and the school.  Fossil Ridge must meet or exceed the district attendance goal. For detailed absence, absence reporting and attendance information, please download the FRHS Student Handbook from the “Quick Links” drop down menu located at the top of this page

Online Classroom Communication

At Fossil Ridge High School we support and encourage a strong communication relationship between classroom teachers, students and parents. Many of our teachers have a class website managed through a PSD program named “Blackboard”. Fossil Ridge teachers post current class notes, announcements, assignments, and even assessments for students to access at any time either within the school or at home.  Many FRHS teachers also use the more advanced features of the Blackboard program to enable students to share and evaluate multimedia presentations, participate in course blog and discussions, and access recorded course lectures and presentations.

Parents/Guardians can access their student’s classroom Blackboard at any time for detailed information regarding class
work, grading and assignments.

Click the icon to visit the VHS site.

Select  User Login - Username is: the Student ID number#; Password is: the student’s 7 digit PIN number
Select on the Course Name to access detailed information


ParentVUE and Student Grades

ParentVUE is available by clicking “Parents” from the PSD website home page and then by clicking the “ParentVUE” on the right side of this webpage under the heading titled "Accessing Grades in ParentVue".ParentVUE can also be accessed using the ParentVUE app from the iTunes Store or Google Play. This application will give parents access to school information, student information, verification of contact information and more.

Schools verify parent/guardians for each student who have educational rights (the right to view confidential student information). Once this verification is complete and entered into the student information system, those parent/guardian(s) will receive an email to the primary email address indicated on your student profile/verification stored in Synergy.  The email will contain instructions on how to access ParentVUE and include the required user activation code. If you have any issues activating your account, please contact your child’s school.

Note: You only have to complete the activation process once.  However if you have more than one child, you will not have access to view his/her information until Ed Rights is indicated for that child and the information is entered by that school. It is possible that you may see one child and no other sibling(s), especially if he/she attends different schools until the school has verified information.