Leadership and Activities @ Fossil Ridge

Student Activities and Organizations @ Fossil Ridge High School

We offer a multitude of school-sponsored activities and organizations that extend our students’ learning and leadership opportunities beyond the classroom and allow them to make positive contributions to the Fossil Ridge community. At Fossil Ridge High School, we offer more than fifty school sponsored activities and organizations. These groups, sponsored by Fossil Ridge staff, focus on the diverse interests and passions within our student body but also work together collaboratively to support and improve the culture of our school.

If we do not offer a school-sponsored activity or organization that meets the particular interests or passions of a select group of students, then we encourage these students to create a student-initiated club. Student-initiated clubs must find an adult supervisor from our staff and can meet regularly outside of the school day to pursue their collective interests and passions. If you would like to start a new student-initiated club at Fossil Ridge High School, please utilize the links below to fill out an application and then schedule a meeting with our Activities Director, Mr. Nye, after your paperwork is complete.

Application for School-Sponsored Activity or Organization 

Application for Student-Initiated & Led Organization

Student-Initiated & Led Organization Posting

District Policy for Student Organizations - Secondary Schools

Detailed list of the school-sponsored clubs and organizations we offer at Fossil Ridge High School:

FRHS School Clubs and Organizations 

Club Rush Videos

Detailed list of the student-led clubs and organizations that are currently being offered at Fossil Ridge High School:

 FRHS Student Led Clubs and Organizations.

This list is updated regularly. If you have additional questions about our school-sponsored clubs, organizations and programs or wish to visit their individual site for more detailed information, please click on the icon below next to the listed program / club / organization with an active, up-to-date site.





Science Olympiad



 Student Council




Student Council

Our Fossil Ridge Student Council student leaders work to raise school spirit, to increase student participation, and to create whole school events and activities such as:

  • Welcome Back Celebrations

  • Freshmen Orientation

  • Homecoming Assembly and Dance

  • Trick or Treat Street

  • Staff Appreciation

  • Adopt A Family

Freshman representatives are selected for service in our Student Council through an interview and application process. The student body elects our sophomore, junior and senior representatives through an annual election process. Student Council is an extremely involved class at Fossil Ridge and students must devote many hours during school, after school and on the weekends.

Diversity Leadership

Our Diversity Leadership student leaders work throughout the year to support our diversity celebrations in the fall and our unity celebrations in the spring. Staff sponsors work with students on building leadership skills promoting diversity within our student body and increasing awareness and acceptance of all populations and backgrounds. 

Student Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors is a group of students who want to help others and have a positive impact on their peers. They are trained as peer educators and do class presentations on a variety of topics and do outreach activities at local junior high and elementary schools. Examples of activities led by our Ambassadors include:

  • Middle School to High School Transition

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness

  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • College Fair

  • Community Service Projects