Advisory Program @ Fossil Ridge

About Our Advisory Program

Please use to access Advisory lesson plans for all grade levels.

We have created a special program to engage all SaberCat students in active collaboration, frequent conversations and active participation in school decisions to foster a strong sense of community. This aspect of Fossil Ridge is the Advisory program. Each certified, on-campus staff member meets and works weekly with a small group of students. This helps to create a smaller-community feeling and a sense of belonging.  Since every student is assigned an Advisory class, it is a perfect venue for sharing information, touching base with goals and monitoring students academic growth. The Advisory groups are ongoing for four years. The purpose of our Advisory program includes but is not limited to:

  • Listening to and engaging students in decisions that impact Fossil Ridge High School
  • Strengthening the character of our students and fostering a positive school climate
  • Teaching the Critical Skills curriculum and providing learning opportunities that help to prepare students for life and high school through personality inventories, career assessment and research, college searches and applications, scholarship searches, interviewing skills, job skills, service learning, academic success strategies, and more 
  • Providing all students training and application opportunities in 21st century leadership skills and helping students meet the Colorado Academic Standards, ASCA National Standards of Students, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and Poudre School District Ends Policy 1.1
  • Effectively using time for logistics of school operations, including registration, college applications and financial aid, and career planning
  • Hosting guest speakers, providing Career Pathways experiences and strengthening ICAP standards
  • Enjoying assemblies, celebrations and concerts as a whole school
  • Providing quality time for SaberCat collaboration and bonding
  • Preparing for required assessments

The scheduled weekly Advisory time earns each student one credit each semester and evolves into a senior service project component of the student's senior year. These credits are required for graduation. Throughout their four years in the Advisory program, students will complete a digital portfolio and collect various artifacts that demonstrate success in each target area.

Common Advisory Curriculum for All Grade Levels

Academics - Grade Checks, Academic/Study Time, Advisor One-on-One Talks, Portfolio Development, Class Registration, Test Preparation.

Counseling & Character - Academic Planning, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Suicide Awareness, Abilities/Disabilities Awareness Day, Character Trait Awareness, Career Planning, Communication Skills, Team Building, Leadership Skills, College Fairs, Career Fair.

Critical Skills / Job Related - Resume, Letter of Application, Job Application, Interviewing Skills, Mock Interview, Job Shadow, Apprenticeships, Career Pathways Development.

Personality Inventories - True Colors, Bridges Values, Interests, Aptitude Survey, Learning Styles.