Campus Safety and Parking

Safety @ Fossil Ridge High School

The safety and security of all students at Fossil ridge High School is our first priority. Our staff, students and parents work together collaboratively to help create a safe school environment. We provide continuous supervision and monitoring of our school grounds and learning spaces both during the school day and during extracurricular events. We have a state-of-the-art video surveillance system installed throughout the school to give us real-time footage. We have implemented safety procedures and practice these procedures regularly with our students and staff to increase our response time in case of an emergency. Most importantly, we actively encourage everyone associated with Fossil Ridge High School to reach out to our safety officers, our administration and our staff if they have concerns or possible information related to the safety of our school.  

Proper Identification

Our expectation at Fossil Ridge High School is that anyone who enters our building be indentified by wearing proper PSD identification badges. This includes our students, staff and all PSD district personnel. We expect visitors to our school to be properly identified as well. All visitors must enter through the main front office, must sign in and must wear an issued visitor’s sticker/badge.

Visitors must call ahead to schedule a time to meet with the appropriate staff member.  Visits should not extend past one hour and are limited to once per week to minimize disruptions to the educational process and to respect the privacy of other students.  Visitors are expected to wait in the main office for their host to meet them and escort them through the school. Our student aide(s) at the front desk can also escort visitors through the school. Any visitor not wearing proper identification or traveling unescorted within our school will be immediately asked to return to the main office to follow our established safety process.

Safety Personnel @ Fossil Ridge

Campus Safety personnel are present during school hours and some extracurricular events to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff. We have three dedicated campus safety personnel at Fossil Ridge High School. Read below for a description of their role within our school and for contact information should you need to speak with one of them about your concerns or questions.

Our first safety officer is our School Resource Officer. SRO’s are certified Fort Collins Police officers embedded at all district high schools. SRO’s help maintain the school’s safe learning environment, improve school/law enforcement collaboration and promote positive relationships between students and the Fort Collins Police Department. Mr. Ehrich Weis is our SRO and he has an office located near the commons. He can be reached by telephone or email at [970.488.6306 /].

Our second safety officer is our Campus Security Officer. Our CSO patrols the school (both inside and outside) to monitor students and enforce safe driving on school grounds and parking regulations. Our CSO is part of the district’s Security Department staff and serves as the “Eyes and Ears” of the district. In addition to the duties listed above our CSO helps with special event coverage and is a member of our crisis response and assistance team. Mr. Steve Armstrong is our CSO and he has an office in the West Wing of the school. He can be reached by telephone or email at [970.488.6322 /].

Our third safety officer is our Campus Student Liaison. The Student Liaison regularly patrols the school, supervises students during our Late Start activities and works closely with the Deans of Students to enforce student discipline and student attendance. A key responsibility of our Student Liaison is to build strong relationships with our students so that they feel comfortable coming forward to report suspicious activity. Our Student Liaison is Mr. Aaron Waters. He has an office in the East Wing of the school. He can be reached by telephone or email at [970.488.6392 /].

Crisis Response and Assistance Team

Unfortunately, with the recent tragic events in schools over the past few years, we must always be prepared and plan for emergency situations within our school. We have worked very closely with the Fort Collins Police Department and PSD Security directors to create a highly effective Crisis Response and Assistance Team. We work collaboratively with all of our teachers and support staff to practice emergency procedures regularly throughout the school year. Teachers and support staff fully understand the crisis response procedures and act swiftly to guarantee the safety of all students in our school. All emergency plans are developed in accordance with the FEMA National Incident Management Plan. During any crisis, the PSD website is updated immediately in the event of a unique situation and parents/guardians are notified via the district automated phone system and email.

Driving / Parking Expectations @ Fossil Ridge

With over 2,000 students and staff at Fossil Ridge High School, and with multiple visitors coming to campus throughout the day, safe driving and parking is an ongoing priority. All vehicles parked on Fossil Ridge campus regularly must be registered through the school and must display a parking permit hangtag or a staff parking permit sticker.

Parking Permit Hangtags

Students and staff attending FRHS on a regular basis are expected to obtain parking permit hangtags or stickers to identify their vehicle.  Hangtags and stickers are used to identify vehicles for safety reasons. There is a one-time charge of $25.00 per student that is good for their time at Fossil Ridge.  The hangtag is obtained after turning in a completed application and showing a valid driver’s license, proof of current insurance, and current vehicle registration slip.  Any falsification of information on the application will result in the loss of parking privileges at FRHS.  Additional tags or replacement tags may be issued at a cost of $5.00. Hangtags are assigned to the student and not the vehicle and may be transferred to any vehicle the student is driving on campus.  Updated vehicle information must be submited to the securtiy office each year. Hang tags may not be given to another student to use.  Hangtags or stickers are to be displayed to be readable through the front windshield. Please contact the Campus Security Officer or appointed school official if a Permit hangtag is lost or stolen. The Parking Permit hangtag must be returned if student has lost parking privileges, been expelled, or withdrawn from school.

Click this icon to download the Parking Permit Hangtag application.   

FRHS Driving / Parking Rules:

  • All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid and current Parking Permit hangtag or staff Permit sticker
  • The Permit hangtag number must be readable through the front windshield of the vehicle
  • Permit hangtags may not be transferred from one person to another person
  • Campus Security must be notified if there is a change of vehicles or if the Parking Permit is lost or stolen
  • PSD, Police, Fire, Delivery service, and Visitor vehicles are excluded from displaying a Permit hangtag
  • Speed limits on campus drives and parking lots are 15 mph (posted signs)
  • Parking in a bus or fire lane will result in a towing of a vehicle.  Towing fees and ticket fees are the vehicle owner’s responsibility. 
  • Our SRO will ticket vehicles parked in handicapped parking without proper identification in accordance with federal law. 
  • Students are expected to help keep the parking areas clean by disposing of trash in nearby trash receptacles.

FRHS Driving Violations & Policies

  • Students who recieve three violations will forfeit their parking permits. Students may earn the right to park on campus again after a probationary period determined by administration and paying a parking permit fee of $25. 
  • Careless and reckless driving behavior is prohibited on campus and will result in an automatic revocation of a parking permit. 
  • Both students and parents will be notified via email, phone, or both when a parking violation has been issued. 
  • Student vehicles parked in Visitor areas or designated Staff parking areas will recieve a parking violation. 
  • Individuals who continue to park on campus after their privilege has been revoked will have their vehicle booted and/or towed after communication with both the student and parents.  Towing fees are the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.

Designated Parking Areas

The school has three designated parking areas for visitor, student, and staff use. The southeast parking lot is primarily a student lot with a small section for staff located toward the front entrance.  The southwest lot is primarily a student lot.  The northwest lot is for staff parking only. There are no student or visitor parking spaces in the northwest lot.  Handicapped parking has been provided in all designated lots.  All designated lots have signs to indicate clearly areas for visitor, handicapped, and staff parking only.

Student drop off and pickup is restricted to the southwest and southeast lots and the oval in front of the school.  The northwest staff lot is for PSD buses only. Any vehicle parked in the drop off / pickup area(s) will be ticketed.

Vehicle Searches

Each school is authorized to engage in routine patrolling of student parking lots, visual inspection of student automobiles, and the use of dogs trained to alert at the scent of drugs, explosives and other contraband. School Board Policy states that no loitering in parked cars or in parking lots shall be permitted during the school day.  The privilege of bringing a student operated motor vehicle on school premises is conditional on consent by the student driver to allow a search of the vehicle when there is reasonable suspicion the search will yield evidence of contraband.  Refusal by a student, parent/guardian, or vehicle owner to allow search access to a vehicle on school grounds when requested will be cause for terminating the privilege of bringing a vehicle onto school premises.  Fossil Ridge High School and/or Poudre School District are not responsible for the theft or damage to vehicles parked on school property or at school activities.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is acceptable on a limited basis. Any vehicle left in the parking lot for several days may be considered an abandoned vehicle and subject to towing. Please notify campus security if a vehicle will be parked in the lots for more than two days. PSD is not responsible for any theft or damage that may occur when left overnight or for several days.

Form Downloads

Parking Permit Application  

Parking ticket Appeal    

Notification of No Permit