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Latest School Culture Updates

Recently we worked with an outside survey organization to gather essential input and meaningful feedback from our students, parents and staff regarding the culture and climate of Fossil Ridge High School. We will use this timely information as we work with our Climate and Culture Team to address a few areas for improvement and to strengthen existing systems and traditions that help our school to be the best in the country. If you would like to read through the information we gathered through the survey, please click on the links (PDF and PowerPoint) below to download the data documents. Together we will work to support our community and build our culture through positive, solutions-focused conversations.

2015 CSCI Report


  2015 CSCI Presentation



Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

At Fossil Ridge High School we value people as highly as academic performance.  We work tirelessly to create meaningful and lasting relationships among staff and students. We know that strong relationships support academic and social success. At the heart of our school culture are the RIDGE values – Respect, Integrity, Determination, Gratitude, and Excellence. These values drive every decision and interaction at Fossil Ridge and ensure that a healthy, thriving, and inclusive culture exists for all students. By defining the behaviors that are expected in all areas of school life, we take a positive approach to our students. Rather than focusing on what NOT to do, we focus and reward what we expect students TO do. PBIS relies on all staff in our building to reinforce, encourage, and teach positive social behavior. We reinforce and reflect the commitment to these values in a multitude of ways: our Advisory program, the four-year Rachel’s Challenge program, Diversity Leadership, and numerous clubs, athletic teams and activities.  To further model and reflect the values we hold at Fossil Ridge, we have designed and implemented a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program.

Our work on PBIS began in 2009, with the implementation of the Response to Intervention (RtI) model.  We wanted to find a system with structures and processes that could guide us and were flexible enough to fit within our existing school culture.  Additionally, we looked at our disciplinary data and wanted to implement a program that would also reduce the amount of office referrals, suspensions and expulsions. The PBIS program fit not only our behavioral and discipline needs, but also our dedication to building a positive school culture. PBIS allows staff and students to positively recognize, and be recognized for demonstrating, behaviors that uphold the RIDGE values.  It is our belief that a positive support system for students and staff will provide concrete behavioral expectations that influence our culture in a positive way and reinforce the valuable lessons provided by other culture-building programs and activities.  We invite you to explore the PBIS Matrix and familiarize yourself with the expectations of students and staff.

PBIS/RIDGE Support Matrix (click icon to download)

Rachel’s Challenge At Fossil Ridge

A true story of courage and hope...

Rachel Scott was the first person killed during the Columbine High School tragedy. Her father, Darrell Scott, created Rachel's Challenge inspired by her life. Rachel's story is a proven catalyst for positive change in communities.....

Students at Fossil Ridge excel athletically and academically, and we pride ourselves on being a school with a wonderful reputation for Excellence Everywhere. However, like nearly every large public high school, we have students that have significant needs for support. While PBIS defines our philosophy in what behaviors we expect from our students, the Rachel's Challenge program takes education to the next level. Fossil Ridge seeks to provide meaningful educational programming that spans the entire 4-year high school careers of every one of our students. The Rachel's Challenge organization makes this vision a reality by providing impactful events and programs that are tailor made for each of the first three years of high school. Through our incorporation of the Rachel’s Challenge program at Fossil Ridge, we seek to take our students’ education beyond academics. We intend to provide learning that touches every facet of life, creates empathetic and compassionate citizens, and starts a chain reaction of kindness and compassion that radiates through our community and beyond.


9th Grade

Rachel’s Challenge focuses on helping students recognize their purpose in life. They are issued five powerful challenges that are based on the writings and life of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim of the Columbine School shootings in 1999.

  • Eliminate Prejudice – Look for the best in others
  • Dare to Dream – Set goals and keep a journal
  • Choose Positive Influences – Input determines output
  • Use Kind Words – Little acts of kindness
  • Start A Chain Reaction

This program consists of an emotionally charged school assembly that inspires every listener towards a life of kindness and compassion. Our students are never the same after experiencing Rachel’s Challenge as a freshman. If you wish to exempt your freshmen student from this assembly, please click on the icon below to download the appropriate form.

Rachel's Challenge Assembly Exemption Form

10th Grade

Chain Reaction Day is six hours of life changing activities that inspire students and staff by promoting development, leadership and team building. This day includes strategic interactions designed to build upon each other to promote openness and facilitate positive inward change. This is done through participation in high-energy activities, interaction with caring adults and engagement in relevant discussions regarding bullying, painful life experiences and emotional expression. If you wish to exempt your student from this day-long activity, please click on the icon below to download the appropriate form.

Chain Reaction Day Exemption Form

11th Grade

Rachel’s Legacy is the next step for students that have embraced Rachel’s Challenge. This follow-up program encourages students to recognize their full potential and significance in life along with how to create their own legacy. With a whole new set of challenges and stories, this program continues to not only impact the climate of Fossil Ridge High School, but the long-term culture our community. If you wish to exempt your junior student from this assembly, please click on the icon below to download the appropriate form.

  • Appreciate Others – Tell them and write to them
  • Respond to Needs
  • Be A First Initiator
  • Be A See-Througher – Respect vs. Inspect
  • Forgive Yourself and Others

Rachel's Legacy Assembly Exemption Form

12th Grade

Senior Service Project students (12th Grade) apply the lessons of Rachel’s Challenge toward making a concrete difference in their world. This ties everything together from the previous three years and takes the chain reaction to the next level by giving back to our community. Through the year, the main focus of 12th grade advisory classes is to identify a problem either locally or globally, and focus on solving it. At the end of the year, senior advisories share with the school the projects they have done, celebrating kindness, inspiring our underclassmen, and showcasing the importance of giving back to the community.