Graduation Information 2021


PLEASE READ BELOW FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE GRADUATION INFORMATION. THIS INFORMATION WAS UPDATED ON 5/17/21 (If we make any changes to the information below, we will change the date in this box to indicate when updates were made.) 


When is the FRHS Class of 2021 graduation ceremony?  Saturday, May 22, 2021 @ 9:00 a.m.
Where is the FRHS Class of 2021 graduation ceremony? 

French Field @ Rocky Mountain High School
1300 W. Swallow Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80526

What to expect at French Field... Please watch this short video from PSD TV
Does French Field have a clear bag policy? Yes. Please visit to learn more. 
Will guests be allowed at French Field to watch the FRHS Class of 2021 graduation ceremony? Every graduate is receiving one parking/guest ticket. Per graduate ticket, there can be a recommended 10 or fewer guests in-person. All guests must enter together and be accompanied by a person with the graduates ticket. Guests are asked to sit in the same area indicated on the ticket, but social distancing is no longer required by public health officials at outdoor events. 
Will guests have assigned seats? Yes, guests are asked to sit in the same area indicated on the graduates ticket. The areas have been pre-assigned. We whave done our best to assign seats in proximity to where the graduate is sitting on the field. PSD is also providing two large screens this year so guests can see live, up close video of graduates receiving their diplomas. 
Why do the graduate/guests have to come in the same vehicle? Rocky Mountain High School does not have the same parking capacity that Moby Arena/CSU has provided us in the past. Therefore, every graduate and their guests are only provided with ONE parking pass. If guests are not comfortable riding together, some may ride with the graduate and park at Rocky Mountain High School and some can park somewhere off campus and meet them at RMHS. 
When will the tickets for graduation be available for pick up?  Tickets are available for pick up from FRHS May 17th-21st in the Main Office between 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. (Tickets have already been pre-assigned to specific seats prior to ticket pick up. Graduates/families are not able to request specific seats.)  
Will there be a graduation rehearsal before May 22nd?  No. There will not be a formal graduation rehearsal prior to May 22nd. We will prepare the students with what they need to know the morning of graduation when they arrive.
What time do graduates need to arrive at French Field on May 22nd?  Graduates will report to French Field on May 22nd at staggered times. The time to report will be listed on their parking pass/guest tickets. Please honor the time frame you are assigned to and arrive on time. (The reporting times will range between 7:45 a.m. and 8:20 a.m.)
Will PSD provide a link to watch the graduation ceremony live?  Yes. Please use to watch the ceremony live from anywhere in the world. 
Is PSD using other social media to support the event?  Yes. Graduates are encouraged to take pictures throughout the day, post them and use #PSDProud. Random posts will be shown on the large screens throughout the ceremony. 
Will pictures of graduates be available for purchase after the ceremony? PSD is working with a local photographer. The pictures will be FREE for all graduates and their families. We will send out a link to all graduates/guardians when we receive it from the photographer in the days following the graduation ceremony.
Will students be required to wear masks during the ceremony? Because it is outdoors, masks are no longer required but are recommended for people who are not vaccinated. This applies to guests, students, and PSD staff. PSD is providing black masks for all students. 
Will graduation programs be available for guests? We will provide two formally printed graduation programs for each graduate prior to graduation day. During the day of graduation, we will have a QR Code posted so guests can access a program using their smartphone. 
What if it is raining/snowing on May 22nd?  If it is raining/snowing on May 22nd, our ceremony will be moved to Sunday, May 23rd. If it is raining/snowing both days, our ceremony will be moved to the following weekend (May 29th).
Is FRHS providing/selling yard signs for graduates? No. FRHS will not be providing/selling yard signs for graduates this year. 
How do graduates pick up their cap/gown/tassel if they weren’t at school on April 8th during Advisory?  Caps/gowns/tassels/etc. Are available in the FRHS Main Office for graduates that did not pick theirs up on April 8th. 
How do graduates get a cap/gown/tassel if they haven’t ordered one yet?  Please visit if you have not ordered your cap/gown/tassel yet. 
Will there be a place to store personal items for graduates? No. There will not be a supervised location for graduates to keep personal items. Graduates should plan accordingly and give their keys/cell phones/bags, etc. to their guests. 
Will restrooms/water/etc. be available for graduates? Yes. Restrooms will be available near the staging area for graduates and water stations, including cups, will be available in the staging area and on the field during the graduation ceremony.
Will restrooms be available for guests?  Yes.
What is the dress code for graduates? Graduates should be dressed in “business casual” attire.  Please do NOT wear jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes, hiking boots or any other inappropriate attire.
Can graduates decorate their caps?  No. Graduates will not be allowed to decorate the top of their caps for graduation. 
Can graduates wear items not provided by FRHS during the graduation ceremony?  Please contact Brad Nye,, to discuss specific items. 
What do graduates/guests do if they have misplaced an item after the ceremony? All lost/left over items will be collected by the PSD Custodial Dept. and kept in a lost and found area at the district. Please contact 970-488-3333 to learn more if you are missing an item after graduation. (Items will not be stored at FRHS.)
What are other important dates graduates need to know?  Please visit 
What do graduates need to do if they are choosing to NOT attend the graduation ceremony? 

If graduates know they aren’t going to attend the graduation ceremony, they need to fill out the following form It affects our seating chart, reading lists and number of guest tickets for everybody if you do not turn it in to us. Thank you for your help!

What is the Capping Ceremony? The Capping Ceremony is CANCELED. 
My graduate received a silver honor cord with their cap and gown. What does that symbolize?  All graduates that earned a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher automatically received a silver honor cord with their cap and gown. If a graduate did not receive one, but believes that they should have, please contact our Registrar, Sandi Emanuel, at 
Where do graduates get their other honor cords/stoles/etc. from?  If a graduate is receiving an honor cord/stole/etc. they need to contact the sponsor of the honor society they belong to directly.
How long will the FRHS graduation ceremony last? The FRHS graduation ceremony will last 1.5 - 2 hours total. We will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. with an intro video.
Can graduates/guests stay on the field/parking lot/etc. after the ceremony to take photographs with friends and family? Unfortunately, graduates/guests will not be allowed to stay on the grounds immediately following the ceremony. All of the PSD schools have a condensed ceremony schedule so we need to ask graduates/guests to go directly to their cars after the ceremony and leave campus so PSD staff can clear the fields and parking lot to prepare for the next graduation ceremony. Thank you in advance for your help and support with this quick turn around!