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Real World Production Experience

The video production / film program at Fossil Ridge High School is one of the best in Colorado. Our students in Ridge TV learn the latest, industry-level editing and sound production software, develop professional production skills and work daily to develop innovative and informative segments for our weekly school wide broadcast.  Our Ridge TV students work collaboratively with Student Council, Diversity Leadership and other student leadership programs to create motivational projects such our Lip Dubs, the Ridge Life Movie, the Moment in Time project, and to live stream various activities to our Fossil Ridge community. These projects are all part of our annual Unity Week experience designed to unite all students together around a common theme aligned with our school culture work. A unique feature of our program is the expectation that students create, over the course of the year, high quality short films in our SaberCats Studios that are premiered in our annual FOASS (Films on a Shoe String) film festival. This project gives our students experience applying their many production skills in the completion of a real world product viewed by the general public at the Lyric Theater in Fort Collins.

The courses offered within our Ridge TV  program  include 21st Century Media, TV1, TV2, and TV3. 21st Century Media is a semester long class that teaches students the basics of filmmaking and video production.  This is a required class for those students who choose to enroll in TV1, a semester course that is responsible for helping with the production of our weekly Ridge TV broadcast. Students enrolled n TV 2, a year long course, are responsible for the production of our weekly broadcast but also have the opportunity to work on individual projects such as short films, live events, and much more. Television Production 3 is an advanced film production course for students that have aspirations of pursuing a career in the video production / film industry after graduation from Fossil Ridge. Students enrolled in this advanced course work in our SaberCat Studios to create and produce video series, broadcast quality commercials and documentary films.

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