STEM Academy @ Fossil Ridge

The Mission of the STEM Academy

The STEM Academy at Fossil Ridge High School is designed to develop students’ 21st century skills and STEM content knowledge through a guided framework of creative and relevant student projects focused on the enrichment our local and global community.

Who Can Participate in the Stem Academy?

STEM Academy is an application-based program and all recruitment occurs through teacher nominations after a student's completion of the 9th grade ESS (Earth System Sciences) class and/or Biology class. If a student is interested in enrolling in our STEM Academy during as a sophomore, the student should make the 9th grade science teacher aware of his/her goal so that the teacher can consider him or her for recruitment. Although not a requirement, we recommend that a student take both ESS and Biology (or Pre-AP Biology) during the freshman year. If a student can only fit one of the courses into his/her schedule, the preferred course to take is ESS (or to take the ESS placement test in the spring).

Capstone Projects for STEM Academy

The STEM Academy Capstone Project is a student initiated culminating project to be developed over the students’ participation in the STEM Academy. The students are enrolled in a seminar course during their junior year. At that time, a student will have already submitted a project proposal. The seminar course is designed to offer instruction, support, and time to complete the project. The project must meet certain parameters and requirements. These parameters are primarily developed from 21st century skills as defined by the Colorado Department of Education.

Projects  focus on the content of Biotech or Computer Technology or Engineering or Clean Energy and/or the implications of implementation of these technologies into our society. Therefore the foci of the project can be in one or more of the following fields; science, technology, engineering, business, education, or social studies. A student must demonstrate either directly within the project or provide documentation describing how she/he developed the 21st century skills as outlined in the “21st Century Skills” document.

Web Portal for the STEM Academy

An important requirement of the STEM Academy is the continuous maintenance and improvement of the STEM Academy web portal. For access to more detailed information regarding application, projects, samples of students' work, and beneficial STEM resources, click the icon below to access the STEM portal. If you have additional questions regarding our STEM Academy at Fossil Ridge High School, please contact our STEM Coordinator, Mr. Jesse Oswald [].

FRHS STEM Academy Web Portal