Fees & Payments

PSD Fee Schedule

The PSD Board of Education has adopted a student fee schedule that includes both District‐wide student fees (which are the same across the District at each grade level) and school‐based student fees (which may vary for each school within the same grade level). This document serves as a guide for all schools in the creation of, monitoring of and application of student fees to support learning. Please click the icon below to download this District Fee Schedule for detailed information.

(PSD Fee Schedule - Click the icon to download)

Purpose / Use of Student Fees

Student activity fees, course fees and program fees help to purchase additional learning materials and equipment and also help provide transportation for students to learning activities/events outside of the school building. Please know that we work very hard as a school to subsidize real world learning activities, courses and programs using state funds to keep the cost(s) as low as possible for all students. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality education and learning experiences and student fees are sometimes necessary to maintain this highest level of quality.

Child Nutrition / Online Sign Up

If you wish to add money to your student’s lunch account, please access the Child Nutrition section of the PSD web site. This online system gives parents/guardians the opportunity to add funds to individual student accounts.  We are unable to take money or apply funds to individual student lunch accounts at the school level. 

Parents/guardians needing specific free/reduced lunch information or guidance regarding the online sign-up process, please access the Child Nutrition section of the PSD web site.  

  PSD Child Nutrition Site (click the icon to access site)

Online Fee Payment

To pay fees online, please create an account, or use a previously created one on SchoolPay.

Fees Questions or Concerns

For questions or concerns regarding specific fees, please contact the following staff:

Parking Fees / Community Service      Ken Lowery / 488.6322 / klowery@psdschools.org

Media Fees / Media Fines                    Lana Fain / 488.6276 / lfain@psdschools.org

General Fees / Payments                     Amy Spencer / 488.6266/ aspencer@psdschools.org

Fee Window Operating Hours and Location

The Fossil Ridge High School fee window is open Monday-Friday from 7:15am – 11:30 and 12:30pm - 3:00pm.   This Fee Window is located on the southeast corner of the commons near to the front main office. Cash, checks and debit cards are all acceptable methods of payment.  VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER are currently the only credit cards accepted for fee payment.