Laptop Not Turning On?

Did you charge your laptop all night and it now it won't turn on?

We're seeing this several times each day.  While we're not sure what is causing it, the steps below might get things running again for you.  

  • Plug in your laptop and ensure that the charging light (on the right side) is on.
    • If the charging light is not on when plugged in, bring your laptop and charger to the Media Center for further troubleshooting.
  • Press the power button.
    • If the laptop turns on, your battery is depleted and either your battery or your charger is to blame.  Bring your charger and your laptop to the Media Center to be looked at.
    • If the laptop does not turn on, continue holding the power button for approximately 15 seconds, until the charging light goes out.
  • When the light goes out, release the power button.
  • Press the power button again and the laptop should turn on as it would normally.

We've also seen some power issues resolved by pressing firmly on the power button at the 10 o'clock position.

Should you have any tech issue that you need help resolving, please visit the Media Center where Mr. Butler and Mr. Nichols are happy to help.

***All items returned during all check-in dates have been checked in.  Thank you for returning these items.  If you did not return items still checked out to you, please return these items as soon as possible.***

Important Username & Password Information!

All student usernames remain the same - your student ID number.

Passwords have been reset (as of August 3rd, 2021.) 

The passwords are using the following format:

  • First 4 digits of students' PIN number + first initial of first name UPPERCASE + first initial of last name lowercase + 2 plus symbols
  • Example 1234Sc++ (if the Student's name was Saber Cat)

This password can be used to log in to StudentVue to look up your schedule and locker information without the need to log in to a laptop first or reset your password.

If your PIN is not known, it can be looked up by a parent/guardian in ParentVue or it can be looked up during check-in.


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