Once a Sabercat, Always a Sabercat

Once a Sabercat, Always a Sabercat

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Ridge TV / SaberCat Studios

Latest Updates from Ridge TV / SaberCat Studios

You can always see our latest episodes on our YouTube Channel, SaberCatFilms. Our student short films, documentaries, and music videos are hosted on our other Channel, Films on a Shoe-String (caution: some content on this channel is PG-13)

Real World Production Experience

The video production program at Fossil Ridge High School is one of the best in Colorado. To our knowledge, this is the only program in the country that teaches high school students short film, documentary, and live broadcasting production techniques. Our students in Ridge TV learn the latest, professional production software (Adobe CC), develop professional production skills, and work daily to develop innovative, entertaining, and informative segments for our weekly school wide broadcast.  Our students work collaboratively with Ridge Leadership, Leadership By Design, and other student leadership programs to create unifying projects such our Lip Dubs, Homecoming and People’s Choice Assemblies, Equity Day, Unity Day. We also live-stream concerts, Talent Shows, Model United Nations, and sports competitions (often in partnership with Sports Broadcasting Classes). 

An important feature of our intermediate and advanced classes is that students enter their best projects into our annual Films on a Shoestring Film Festival. The top submissions are shown at this public event in early May. Students receive awards from a panel of professional judges.

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