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Once a Sabercat, Always a Sabercat

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Science Olympiad State Results

Science Olympiad State 2023

The FRHS teams placed second and third overall, earning 16 medals at the state competition.

"Black Team" = overall 2nd place in the state Third Place Medals in Chem Lab (Clara Drysdale, Niyati Kuntumalla), Codebusters (Zan Aziz, Maddox Dietz, Audrey Loyd), and Green Generation (Niyati Kuntumalla, Bridget McGowen) Second Place Medals in Anatomy (Madi Bair, Sophie Wang), Experimental Design (Niyati Kuntumalla, Audrey Loyd, Rebecca Rehm), Flight (John Hebert, Natalie Lin), Write It Do It (Bridget McGowen, Rebecca Rehm) First Place Medals in Cell Biology (Natalie Lin, Sophie Wang), Disease Detectives (Natalie Lin, Sophie Wang), Dynamic Planet (Zan Aziz, Rebecca Rehm), Forensics (Keira Leistikow, Leah Mauch), It's About Time (Maddox Dietz, John Hebert)

"Green Team" = overall 3rd place in the state Third Place Medals in Bridge (Alex Cargo, Jenna Long), Rocks & Minerals (Emmy Yuan, Julia Zheng), Scrambler (Jenna Long, Emmy Yuan) Second Place Medal in Codebusters (Neha Kumar, Jack Nelson, Melissa Wong)

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