Once a Sabercat, Always a Sabercat

Once a Sabercat, Always a Sabercat

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FCCLA State Results

Team Photo and Picture of Jumpsuit

Fossil Ridge FCCLA attended the Colorado State Leadership Conference from Thursday, April 6-Saturday, April 8 in Denver.

12 students attended State, and WOW- they rocked it! 7 students qualified for Nationals, and 5 received honorable mentions. This is the biggest "win" in Fossil FCCLA history! 🎉

1st Place in Leadership: Niyati Kuntumalla

1st Place in Job Interview: Genevieve Bailey

1st Place in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation: Lachlan Larsen

TIED for 2nd Place in Event Management: (Team 1) Skye Connell, Alexa Danielson, and Rachel Hasselbach; (Team 2) Delaney McClure

Honorable mentions for a great State performance:

Anna Morrill - Career Investigation

Kendall Holmes- Fashion Construction

Kirsten Smith - Career Investigation

Leighton Larsen - Event Management

Reagan Jones - Promote and Publicize FCCLA

Photos included: Fossil FCCLA team; Kendall Holmes's jumpsuit from Fashion Construction

Team photo from left to Right 

Angela Iverson (adviser), Reagan Jones (9), Rachel Hasselbach (10), Alexa Danielson (10), Skye Connell (10), Leighton Larsen (12), Niyati Kuntumalla (11), Gen Bailey (12), Kirsten Smith (11), Delaney McClure (10), Kendall Holmes (10), Lachlan Larsen (12), Anna Morrill (12), Kara Felske (adviser)

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