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Once a Sabercat, Always a Sabercat

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Driving / Parking Expectations @ Fossil Ridge

With over 2,000 students and staff at Fossil Ridge High School, and with multiple visitors coming to campus throughout the day, safe driving and parking is an ongoing priority. All vehicles parked on Fossil Ridge campus regularly must be registered through the school and must display a parking permit hangtag or a staff parking permit sticker.

Designated Parking Area

Designated Parking Areas The school has three designated parking areas for visitor, student, and staff use. The southeast parking lot is primarily a student lot with a small section for staff located toward the front entrance. The southwest lot is primarily a student lot. The northwest lot is for staff parking only. There are no student or visitor parking spaces in the northwest lot. Handicapped parking has been provided in all designated lots. All designated lots have signs to indicate clearly areas for visitor, handicapped, and staff parking only.

Parking Permit Hangtags

Students and staff attending FRHS on a regular basis are expected to obtain parking permit hangtags or stickers to identify their vehicle.  Hangtags and stickers are used to identify vehicles for safety reasons. There is a one-time charge of $25.00 per student that is good for their time at Fossil Ridge.  The hangtag is obtained after turning in a completed application and showing a valid driver’s license, proof of current insurance, and current vehicle registration slip.  Any falsification of information on the application will result in the loss of parking privileges at FRHS.  Additional tags or replacement tags may be issued at a cost of $5.00. Hangtags are assigned to the student and not the vehicle and may be transferred to any vehicle the student is driving on campus.  Updated vehicle information must be submited to the securtiy office each year. Hang tags may not be given to another student to use.  Hangtags or stickers are to be displayed to be readable through the front windshield. Please contact the Campus Security Officer or appointed school official if a Permit hangtag is lost or stolen. The Parking Permit hangtag must be returned if student has lost parking privileges, been expelled, or withdrawn from school.

FRHS Driving and Parking Rules


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